All About Our Hampers

Everything you need to know about our balloon hampers

What is included in the hamper?

Our balloon hampers includes personalisation, 3 mini balloons inside, shredded paper, ribbon, pin and cardboard base.

Can I customise my hamper?

You can definitely customise your balloon hamper. You can put almost anything inside, as long as it’s not too large, heavy or sharp (max 800g worth of items). If you let us know what you want inside the hamper, we can let you know if they’ll fit or not.

You can browse through our Website and Instagram page and that’ll give you an idea of what items we’ve placed in our balloon hampers:

You can also opt for additional extras that can be placed inside the hampers such as:

  • Polaroid photo
  • Extra mini balloons to fill cavity
  • Faux flowers
  • LED lights

Can you purchase the items for me?

Of course! If you’d like us to put together the hamper for you, please let us know what you’d like us to put in there, who’s it for, theme, etc and we will quote you accordingly.

We generally need at least a weeks notice to source for items.

How much notice do you need?

We do need at least 3 days notice. If you’d like to provide us with the items, then they will need to be dropped off to us 2 days prior to collection or delivery.

Important note

We recommend gifting the hampers as soon as you can as we aim to assemble them as close to pick up or delivery time as possible to ensure that they are the most fresh and plump when they have been gifted. With latex ballons, they do oxidise (go cloudy) over time, and if the balloon is left in a warm or humid atmosphere, or in front of sunlight or near extreme heat, this oxidisation does occur more quickly.

We do recommend that they get popped sooner rather than later but can understand that recipients are hesistant to do so because it is such a fun gift idea!

We do treat our balloons with a solution to reduce the oxidisation process but can’t control the environment once it’s been delivered or picked up.